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Playground Components We Love!

Adaptive Swings

Adaptive swings are a very important element of an inclusive playground. Children with mobility impairments need the vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation that swings provide.

Safety Slides

Children with balance and coordination concerns can enjoy slides with these safety features.

Rocking Elements

Rocking elements are a joy for all children, especially those with Autism or mobility impairments.

Music and Sound

All children love music! Children with a visual impairment have a heightened sense of sound and generally enjoy hearing and making music.

Balance Beams with Rails

Balance beams with rails and various levels of ability provide opportunities for children to take appropriate risks and challenge themselves physically.

ADA Compliant Surfacing

The playground surfacing is probably the most important element to ensuring a universal design. Access to all components throughout the playground opens up an entire world of play among peers.

Shading and Seating

Shading and seating provide a comfortable place for both parents and children to rest and enjoy their time at the playground.

Ground Level Play

Ground level play provides many opportunities for all children to engage in activities together. With so many ground level elements to choose from, playgrounds are better outfitted if they have a wide variety of these pieces versus a standard wheelchair ramp up to slides.

Cooperative Play

Cooperative play elements are the heart of an inclusive playground. These pieces bring children together of all abilities and allow them to play side by side and see past their differences.

Check out the photos below for more playground fun!